Hallmark has been known for its wide range of collectibles, and one of the most beloved collections among collectors is the Hallmark Snoopy mugs. These mugs feature the iconic Snoopy character from Charles M. Schulz’s Peanuts comic strip and have become a favorite among fans and collectors alike. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the top 10 Hallmark Snoopy mugs that every collector should have in their collection.
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1. Snoopy’s Dog House Mug:

The Snoopy’s Dog House Mug is a classic design that showcases Snoopy’s famous red dog house. The mug is made of high-quality ceramic and features vibrant colors. It is perfect for enjoying your morning coffee or tea while reminiscing about Snoopy’s adventures.
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2. Snoopy and Woodstock Best Friends Mug:

This adorable mug features Snoopy and his best friend Woodstock. The design captures their friendship and the joy they bring to each other’s lives. The mug is adorned with colorful illustrations of the duo, making it a must-have for any Snoopy fan.

3. Snoopy Flying Ace Pilot Mug:

For fans of Snoopy’s alter ego, the Flying Ace, this mug is a must-have. The design showcases Snoopy in his pilot gear, ready to take off on another adventure. The mug is designed with attention to detail and captures the spirit of Snoopy as the Flying Ace.

4. Happy Dance Snoopy Mug:

One of the most iconic images of Snoopy is his happy dance, and this mug brings that joy to life. The design features Snoopy dancing with delight, surrounded by colorful confetti. It is a cheerful addition to any collection and is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face every time you use it.

5. Woodstock and Friends Mug:

This charming mug showcases Woodstock, Snoopy’s loyal sidekick, along with his feathered friends. The design captures the playful nature of Woodstock and the camaraderie between him and his bird buddies. It is a delightful addition to any collection and is perfect for bird lovers as well.

6. Joe Cool Snoopy Mug:

Snoopy is known for his many alter egos, and Joe Cool is one of the most popular ones. This mug features Snoopy as Joe Cool, wearing sunglasses and exuding coolness. It is a fun and whimsical addition to any collection and is sure to be a conversation starter.

7. Snoopy Hugging Woodstock Mug:

This heartwarming mug depicts Snoopy giving his best friend Woodstock a warm hug. The design captures the affection between the two characters and reminds us of the importance of friendship. It is a sentimental addition to any collection and makes for a thoughtful gift as well.

8. Snoopy Love Mug:

Love is a central theme in the Peanuts comic strip, and this mug celebrates that sentiment. The design features Snoopy surrounded by hearts, spreading love and joy. It is a perfect gift for loved ones or a lovely addition to your own collection.

9. Snoopy Baseball Mug:

For fans of both Snoopy and baseball, this mug combines the best of both worlds. The design showcases Snoopy as a baseball player, ready to hit a home run. It is a playful addition to any collection and is sure to bring back memories of playing or watching America’s favorite pastime.

10. Holiday Snoopy Mug:

Last but not least, this holiday-themed mug captures the festive spirit of the season with Snoopy dressed up in his Santa Claus outfit. The mug is adorned with snowflakes and presents, making it a perfect companion for hot cocoa during the holiday season.


The Hallmark Snoopy mugs collection brings joy, nostalgia, and a touch of whimsy to any collector’s home. Whether you are a lifelong fan of Peanuts or just starting your collection, these mugs are a must-have. From classic designs to holiday-themed mugs, there is something for everyone in this collection. So why not start your own collection today and enjoy your favorite beverage in the company of the beloved Snoopy character?

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